Oh, hey! I can put a bio in that's neato.
I make music and do weird stuff with VHS and composite video. I have an obnoxious amount of synths and no Alex I won't stop buying synths you can't make me.
Oh I also do stuff with Dreaming Door look that up.

Dylan @quantumdylan

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Detroit, MI

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Hello everyone! It's jamuary, but I've been juggling a few balls like getting a house ready for sale and wrapping production on this one game I've been helping out with. But Jamuary has to go on!

Unfortunately my MOTU interface is on the fritz, so I can't actually record anything through to my computer right now straight from the big ole mixer I got on craigslist. I've got to record down to tape and then record that off to a little tascam I've got. So far I've got some decent ideas, just gotta get my interface fixed up better and I'll re-record a lot of them with crystal clear audio.

I've got a big project that's been sidelined for a bit, and I've also got a full album ready to go. Was trying to make like a neat little album experience thing in unity but it was taking a bit too long, and with the other game I've been working on also being in unity, it's a little hard to want to do that twice as much lol.

Anyways, I've got some good house and dubby vibes going this jamuary, so if you're into Detroit old schoolish house and techno I've got some goodies this Jamuary hopefully. I've also been working on getting my tape delays up and running, so lots of good crunchy delays to be had.

Thanks everyone for taking a listen to my stuff if you have! And if you haven't, hello! No obligation to listen or anything, take a listen if you like at your leisure. Happy Jamuary to all!


Available for Work


Hey, might as well get this notification to chill on my page. So, I suppose if you want some sort of audio-work stuff done, or if you really like VHS-aesthetic weird glitchy shit, I can do that!

Or just take a look at the songs I've thrown up here, or over on soundcloud. I've got a lot of ambient works over on soundcloud that I just don't think fit as well here on newgrounds. Don't want to flood everywhere with weird 50 minute mixes of FM soundscapes.

Anyways, if you like what you hear/see just hmu. We can work on stuff! I also do SFX work, has our game release recently. I was the audio guy for Golden Treasure: The Great Green if you want some reference.